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    Wydawca: North Pacific Music, 2002
    Symbol:  NPM-01592

         Union With The Divine
    Bhajans - Songs of Love & Devotion

    [ 1 ]   Mhara Sanwaria Ghar Aaya Ji
    [ 2 ]   Bala Main Beragan Hungi LISTEN
    [ 3 ]   Preetam Tu Mohe Pran Se Pyara LISTEN
    [ 4 ]   Ab Kaise Chhute Ram Rat Lagi LISTEN
    [ 5 ]   Pani Me Meen Piyasi LISTEN
    [ 6 ]   Ram Kahiye Re, Govind Kahiye Re LISTEN
    [ 7 ]   Ma Teri Mamta Kitni Pyari LISTEN
    [ 8 ]   Bansiwara Aajyo Mhare Des LISTEN
    [ 9 ]   Chalan Wahi Des LISTEN

    Veena Pani Rastogi has been singing and performing on stage since early childhood. Her formal education includes a Master of Arts degree inMusic from Rajasthan. She also received special training from renowned film music director Daan Singh ("My Love" and "Bhool Na Jaana" fame).

    Veena has made numerous music albums with the famous recording companies as HMV (Rajasthani folk songs, geet, ghazals), WESTON ("Masti Ka Safar" containing hindi geets and ghazals). Her latest release is a bhajan album "RAM KAHIYE RE".

    Veena has been very active on All India Radio and National TV network in India, Voice of America and BBC. She has been a regular performer for them and has been invited several times for live interviews. Recently she recorded some special light music program for International Satellite TV network.

    Veena has also given many stage performances and provided playback singing in several films ("Saazish Pe Saazish" and "Matlabi") and Tele Films and Serials ("Khilte Phool", "Sab Ke Liye" and "Rishte").

    Pt. Radha Prasad is a senior disciple of world famous flutist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is gifted and competent classical and light music performer. He has given numerous solo flute performances on All India Radio and National TV network in India and stage shows in Asia, Europe and U.S.A.

    Pt. Radha Prasad was born and brought up in India and taught himself to play the bamboo flute at a very early age. He came to Bombay after hearing the music of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, India's foremost and world renowned flutist, and received 18 years of rigorous and comprehensive training provided him with broad knowledge of Indian classical and folk music with mastery in bamboo flute. In 1990 he was granted the degree of Master of Arts in Music by "Vrindaban Flute Institute" of Mumbai, India run by Pt. Chaurasia.

    The classical bamboo flute music of India is an ancient tradition of India. The bamboo flute has remained simple with few embellishments and is a wondrous instrument in the hands of a skillful musician. However it is difficult to obtain a good bamboo flute because there are very few qualified flute makers. For this reason, Radha Prasad himself makes professional quality bamboo flutes with great precision.

    Radha Prasad is an excellent Indian Classical and Folk music teacher. His teaching is not only specialized in Indian Classical bamboo flute but also in various instruments as Guitar, Violin etc.

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