CD CECIL TAYLOR & TONY OXLEY Birdland, Neuburg 2011

CD CECIL TAYLOR & TONY OXLEY Birdland, Neuburg 2011 nr katalogowy: FSR 13/2020
  • Wydawca: Fundacja Słuchaj!, 2020
    Symbol: FSR 13/2020

    Birdland, Neuburg 2011

    1. Birdland, Neuburg 2011 part 1a 32:46    
    2. Birdland, Neuburg 2011 part 1b 09:09    
    3. Birdland, Neuburg 2011 part 2 15:28

    • Cecil Taylor – piano
    • Tony Oxley – drums

    It was a rare moment – the evening of November 18, 2011. A moment of special intimacy. European fans of pianist Cecil Taylor got closer to him than ever before. It wasn’t like a few years ago, when some 1000 listeners gathered in the Prinzregenten Theater in Munich; now only exactly 112 fans gathered in the Birdland Jazz Club in not very far away Neuburg an der Donau. Neuburg is a city dating back to the Renaissance with 28,000 residents, midway between Munich and Nuremberg. For the past few decades the local jazz club, with its unusually well-developed program, has drawn music fans from a wide circle to its current beautiful room in an historic basement vault. Up front – Cecil Taylor, the small, slight man with great energy, the master of free sounds that rumble like thunder but also tinkle like splintering glass. What a contrast! And what a musical experience!

    Płyta CD oryginalna, nowa, zafoliowana, ecopack.

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