15CD CHOPIN Complete Piano Music IDIL BIRET

15CD CHOPIN Complete Piano Music IDIL BIRET nr katalogowy: IBA 08/B
  • Wydawca:IBA 08/B
    Rok wydania: 2014

        IDIL BIRET piano
    CD 1: Mazurkas, Vol. 2  8.554530
    CD 2: Ballades / Fantaisie in F Minor / Galop Marquis  8.554527
    CD 3: Nocturnes, Vol. 1  8.554531
    CD 4: Etudes, Opp. 10 and 25  8.554528
    CD 5: Nocturnes, Vol. 2  8.554532
    CD 6: Mazurkas, Vol. 1  8.554529
    CD 7: Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-3  8.554533
    CD 8: Polonaises, Vol. 1  8.554534
    CD 9: Polonaises, Vol. 2 (Biret)  8.554535
    CD 10: Preludes / Barcarolle, Op. 60 / Bolero, Op. 19  8.554536
    CD 11: Rondos and Variations  8.554537
    CD 12: Scherzos / Impromptus / Allegro de concert  8.554538
    CD 13: Waltzes, Nos. 1-19 / Ecossaises, Op. 72 / Tarantelle, Op. 43  8.554539
    CD 14: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 (Biret, Slovak State Philharmonic, Stankovsky)  8.554540
    CD 15: Fantasia on Polish Airs / Andante spianato / Krakowiak  8.554541

    Robert Stankovsky
    Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra

    In June 1989 Idil Biret received an offer from the then newly established Naxos label to record Chopin’s complete works for piano solo and for piano and orchestra. Without hesitation she accepted to undertake this monumental task. This was a project that would be the dream and dread of many a pianist and the past decades were full of projects to record Chopin’s complete works which remained unfinished for various reasons. Idil Biret was not known as a Chopin performer. Indeed until she started recording for Naxos she had played few of his works in public. During much of her career she had stayed distant from Chopin. Later, Biret studied with Alfred Cortot, considered by many as the greatest Chopin interpreter of the twentieth century, for two years when he was in his eighties. With him Biret worked on almost the entire Chopin repertory. Cortot’s teachings were in the great tradition of Chopin performance of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Biret remembers vividly “the glorious, magical sounds that came from the piano when Cortot put his hands on it; almost like that of a cello” as she recalled in an interview on BBC Radio. This release is a reissue of Naxos’s original Fryderyk Chopin complete piano music recorded by Idil Biret.

    “…Idil Biret, this great pianist…playing Chopin in its entirety in a breathtaking interpretation. One could not imagine that the Ballades, Preludes, Sonatas, Scherzi, Polonaises, Nocturnes, Mazurkas and the Concertos would today find an interpreter of this dimension. But, there it is. Authority, epic sense, rigour, power, emotion, poetry, all these elements are joined together. To crown it all, with this knowledgeable combination of a powerful technique and deep feeling of rubato, through which Idil Biret reaches the greatest, namely her own masters Kempff and Cortot. Through her, Chopin is rendered to us in all his glory and many faces. It was necessary above all to have a pianist whose daring would not diminish. Truly, Idil Biret directs with a stupefying instinct her unquenchable thirst for challenges and imposes during this eighteen hour stretch as one would in an entire lifetime.” Henry-Louis de la Grange, LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR (France) 1992


    Płyty CD oryginalne, nowe, zafoliowane. Kartonowe pudełko.

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